Madeleine Thien


Mais logo, no Rota das Letras – Festival Literário de Macau, Madeleine Thien falará sobre os seus livros, com destaque para Do Not Say We Have Nothing. Num artigo do Guardian, assinado por Claire Armitstead, a escrita da autora e a sua complexa relação com a China e a diáspora chinesa são objecto de análise:

But China continued to call to her: “All my life I’ve been thinking about it, circling it, though I never really thought I’d write about it.” Research for Do Not Say We Have Nothing has involved travelling widely on her own, from a base in Shanghai up through the northwestern territories to the area where the Great Wall ends and the land turns into desert. “It’s one of those places you can never quite see enough of it, it’s vast. For the Chinese it’s very odd for people to travel alone so I often get picked up by families and couples. You learn a lot from what people don’t tell you.”

She considers herself fortunate to have a foreigner’s immunity from political persecution – “I’m not beholden to anyone who could be hurt” – even though she has been outspoken about what she sees as a new authoritarianism in China, publicly criticising the closure of an innovative, intercultural creative writing master’s course on which she has taught at the City University of Hong Kong since 2010. “I hesitate to use the incendiary words of censorship, freedom of speech and intellectual freedom. However, it has become increasingly clear to me, as events have unfolded, that these are precisely the issues,” she has written.

O artigo pode ser lido aqui.


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